Usage flow


01 Before trip

First, reserve through the 'Book now' on this website, "LINE" or "WhatsApp" on your cellar.
On the "reservation application page,"  select the number of rental days, car type, and options, enter your name and email address, and apply for a reservation.
After applying for a reservation, you will receive a message with a payment URL, so please pay by credit card.
After payment is confirmed, you will receive a message confirming your reservation.
Please refer to the instructions for using the "Virtual Key" in the message and the message attached step-by-step image to install the "Virtual Key."


02 Arrival

Before you arrive at the airport, you will receive a message with "Parking location details."
After getting off the plane and exiting the arrival gate, please refer to the message and head to the nearest parking lot to find your reserved car.


03 Unlock

During the rental period, your smartphone becomes your car key. Unlock and lock using the "Virtual Key" app.
You can also check how to use the "virtual key" from the link below.


04 Enjoy!

Enjoy your drive in Japan to the fullest!
If you have any question, please see "Useful guides" or contact us via "LINE" or "WhatsApp."
Customer support will respond kindly and courteously.